Indelible Grace Church

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Our Core Values

altWe are gospel-driven

The gospel is the story that we were wretched and lost but that Christ rescues us, reconciles us to the Father, and through us renews a broken world.  As we more deeply understand and believe the gospel, we are transformed - not merely outward behavioral change, but true heart transformation.  The gospel is the sustaining power of Christian life and nurture.  It is central to everything we do as a church.  To learn more, read The Centrality of the Gospel by Tim Keller.

A new community

The gospel creates a new community that transcends the old categories and is based on a shared experience of grace.  The gospel destroys our sense of superiority  because we are more sinful than we realize, and at the same time, makes us bold in our love and service to each other because we are more loved and cherished than we dare hope.  The gospel is not something to be done individually, but to be shared in a common life together as a church.

For others

The gospel makes us an outward facing community - a people for others.  Because of the gospel, we have a deep respect and great hope for our non-Christian friends and neighbors.  Their questions and objections are welcomed.  The gospel makes us a people for the broader community, to love our neighbors, to engage in cultural renewal, to serve through works of mercy, and to witness in mission.