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Reaching out to Cal State East Bay

Eric Jung is our ministry intern. He is on staff at InterVarsity at Cal State East Bay and he is preparing for seminary and pastoral ministry.  Recently, he wrote a report on what he’s been up to lately.


Spring Conference – Growing deeper in the gospel

Last week, 12 students and staff from our campus coordinated a joint retreat with UC Davis' InterVarsity chapter in the mountains of Santa Rosa where we got to dig deep into the Gospel of Mark. A few of the new students and I got to sit in the first five chapters of Mark and look at Jesus in an intense, focused way. We discovered many great truths from the fact that the gospel is essentially good news and not good advice (listening versus doing) to the way that Jesus has authority over demons, sickness, sin, and ultimately even death. And along the way, we also saw that what mattered wasn't the strength of our faith as the object of our faith, namely Christ Jesus.

In addition to growing in the Word, we also had sweet fellowship with one another. I was startled to see how openly students would confess sins to one another and pray for one another, and greatly encouraged to see how the gospel was reshaping students' identities and values. Many students testified to being healed not just in a superficial sense (such as sexual impurity and idolizing grades) but in a deeper sense (things like loneliness, bitterness, and hopelessness).


Ministry at CSUEB – Growing outward in the gospel

But as the apostle Paul writes to the Corinthians, people will glorify God because of our submission that flows from our confession of the gospel of Christ (2 Corinthians 9:13), more than mere words without deeds. It is in that spirit that we look forward to this Thursday (3/31) where we will be having our Caesar Chavez outing. Since we have no school that day, our chapter will be taking around 15-20 students up to the mountain to talk and think about human trafficking and how our faith shapes our response to this issue. This is in anticipation for our upcoming event where we will partner with CSUEB’s Diversity Center in order to highlight not just a global issue but a profoundly local one as well.

As we realize how we were once in bondage and enslaved to unrighteousness and how Christ came to set us free at great personal cost to himself, we are motivated to also work toward proclaiming liberty to those who remain in physical and spiritual bondage. At the same time, this is a matter of deep injustice and we believe that God cares thoroughly for those who are oppressed and marginalized.

Praise be to God,

Eric Jung

IGC is proud to partner with Eric Jung in his ministry to the students at CSUEB. If you would like to financially support Eric, you can do so here.

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