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Peacemaker: Jesus' New Family Rules


by Pastor Shawn Doud

• What were the relational rules at your house growing up?
• The only family member you can say bad things about is Uncle Eustace.
• If you say our family has problems you’re the problem.
• If your feelings get hurt, you’re just too sensitive.
• To confront someone who hurts you means you don’t love them.

In our the upcoming four-week Sunday School series on Peacemaking (beginning March 20) we will explore some of the unspoken rules of our families and churches. We will be examining the root causes of conflict and how Jesus uses conflict to bring us face to face with our sin and the way that the Gospel restores broken relationships through forgiveness embraced and offered. This might be some of the most difficult and most practical Christian teaching we can tackle together. Since we belong to the Prince of Peace, there is hope for all areas of life (even our most painful relationships) to experience reconciliation and reflect the Gospel.

Last Updated on Friday, 11 March 2011 16:22