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Meet our Missionaries, the Kangs!


Our vision for missions is to provide deep support for a missionary, not just by sending a check, but through deep relationship and friendship. After nearly a year of conversations with multiple missionaries, committee deliberations, and earnest prayer, we are excited to announce that we have decided to support the Kangs!

Steve and Sehee Kang, with their two daughters, Sammi and Zoe, started their ministry in Beijing, China. After four years, they returned to the US to receive further training at RTS in Orlando (Steve received an M.Div. and Sehee a degree in counseling). However, in that time, the door to China closed due to religious persecution, so they have been redirected by MTW to serve in Taiwan. They depart in mid-December. Their ministry will consist of serving in the local church, church planting, theological education, counseling, and also keeping an eye towards mainland China, making trips to support and provide training for the churches there.

The Kangs visited IGC on December 1, 2019. They shared their story and their ministry vision. The congregation was deeply encouraged by them. If you would like to sign up for their newsletter updates, click here.

Last Updated on Sunday, 02 February 2020 23:42