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Reflections on our vision in 2019


"Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men." – Mark 1:17

As we approach 2019, I want to reflect on the vision of our church that we laid out in the summer of 2018. This was the fruit of many months of discussions with the elders and lay leaders of the church. Remember, IGC only became particularized (electing and installing elders) in March of 2018. The first goal of the Session was to set forth a guiding vision for our church.

The vision of our church is "following Jesus and helping others to follow Jesus." There are two parts to our vision, and the key is that you cannot do one without the other.

First, the Christian life is to follow Jesus. This means to leave behind our old life of sin and idolatry, and to start a new life of love and obedience. This is a radical call that demands our whole life.

Second, the Christian life is helping others to follow Jesus. And here is the key. You cannot follow Jesus without helping others to follow Jesus. These are inseparable pursuits. In other words, Christianity is not a solo endeavor, but can only be done in deep community with others. We do this through evangelism in the world and discipleship in the church. In this way, the whole church is involved in the work of ministry.

What does this look like practically in our church? Many people have asked what new program or what specific ministry will this involve. The answer is that our vision is less about starting new programs, and more about creating a new culture. It’s about everyone leaning into the church and pouring themselves out for others. And it will look different for different people. For some, it means joining an intensive discipleship group. For others, it means serving in Children/Youth Ministry and mentoring young hearts to follow Christ. And for others, it means finding the courage to share Christ with a co-worker.

Here is one practical suggestion to start. In your relationships in the church, be more intentional in your conversations. Ask someone about their walk with God. Take someone out to coffee to talk about spiritual things. Invite a family over for dinner and share prayer requests. Talk to your children about the Christian faith.

This will be a long conversation in our church. We do not expect to arrive at our destination in a few short years. There will be many steps along the journey. At our upcoming January leadership dinner, there will be a discussion about how the vision intersects with community groups. In February or March, there will be a congregational meeting. And all the time, the elders are continuing to meet with ministry leaders to flesh out the vision. And lastly, we invite you to join us this Sunday morning, 10:10am at the library, to pray about the vision for our church in 2019.

Photo caption, from top to bottom: A baptism, Particularization service, Missions conference with MTW, Children's Ministry class, Mercy Ministry event in Oakland, Men's Retreat, Women's Retreat, and Youth Ministry mini-golf.

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