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Objecting to Predestination


In the movie, The Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon plays a character who has a chance encounter with a woman played by Emily Blunt. They're immediately attracted to one another and fall in love. But then mysterious agents in fedora hats appear – they work for the all-powerful "Chairman" (read: God). According to the Chairman's "Plan," Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were never supposed to meet. And so the mysterious agents attempt to rewrite history – rearranging memories and separating the two star-crossed lovers. In the movie, there’s a scene where Matt Damon confronts the agents: "if I'm not supposed to be with her, how come I feel this way?" The agent responds coldly, "it doesn’t matter how you feel; what matters is what’s in the Plan."

In the tagline of the movie, it says, "do you believe in the power of free will?" And as we see Matt Damon and Emily Blunt running from the agents, the movie invites us to cheer on the characters as they resist the fate pre-determined by the ominous Chairman.

While the movie is a bit ham-fisted in its protest against the idea of predestination, it nevertheless captures our modern culture's objections against a God who foreordains all things. Starting March 15, Pastor Michael will teach a three-part Sunday school series looking at the biblical teaching on predestination and addressing the following questions:

(1) What about free will? (Class 1)
(2) How can God blame us then? (Class 2)
(3) Doesn't this make God the author of evil? (Class 2)
(4) Doesn't the Bible say God wants all people to be saved? (Class 2)
(5) Isn't predestination is unfair? (Class 3)
(6) What about John 3:16? (Class 3)
(7) What about faith? (Class 3)
(8) So then does God choose randomly? (Class 3)
(9) What about evangelism? (Class 3)

You can also catch the recordings of the lessons here.

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