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Christianity and Patriotism


So I’ve been thinking about the role of patriotism in the life of a Christian. I think there are two extremes to be avoided. First, we should keep distinct the Kingdom of God and the United States. Sometimes, we fret about certain laws or national trends as if the very fate of Christianity were at stake. Augustine addressed this very issue in his seminal book, The City of God, when Rome was sacked by the Visigoths and Christians fell into dismay. We should never forget that nations will rise and fall, but the Kingdom of God endures forever. But second, patriotism and love of country is a good thing because it binds us to our communities and demonstrates neighborly love. We ought not to be detached and remote, but deeply involved and concerned with local and national affairs. And therefore, as Christians, we maintain this dynamic tension. On the one hand, we are the very best citizens, law-abiding and working for our nation’s prosperity, but on the other hand, we are also citizens of a greater Kingdom, and our ultimate loyalties lies there. And so, we live as dual citizens until the age to come. I also wrote a related blog post about a year ago on politics and Christian faith; you can read it here.