Indelible Grace Church

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IGC Vision 2014


Years ago, I read Stephen Covey’s self-help book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I don’t remember much except the counsel that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  You would think this is a bit of unnecessary redundancy.  But for people as well as churches, it’s incredibly easy to get sidetracked and forget what the main thing is.  For IGC, the main thing is the gospel.   And so we seek to be gospel-centered in teaching, community, and other-orientedness.  On this third area, we've looked for these past two weeks at how we can be an outward-facing church through mission and mercy.

From July 25 - August 2, we’re going to send a short-term missions team to Haiti.  This Sunday, Pastor Wade will give a presentation on the details of that trip.   I hope you will prayerfully consider going out this summer and support this team with resources and prayer.

I will be leading a "Mercy Study Group" that will meet once a month to discuss various readings on the theology and pragmatics of helping the poor.  The study group will last six months and is open to anyone.   In the end, we’ll be asking – how can we engage the poor in the East Bay?  What practical steps can we make as a church to lift up even a single family out of poverty?  This study will begin in February.

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