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Christianity is a Rescue Religion


I just recently read If God, Then What? by Andrew Wilson.  And I came across something I’ve never considered before.  Andrew Wilson writes that only Judeo-Christianity claims that God will rescue the world.  Here’s how he puts it: "I mean, lots of people talk about a God or gods, and an afterlife and religious behavior, but the idea of salvation by grace is found only in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.  This was so surprising to me when I first realized it, and it’s still such a strange idea, that it’s worth saying again: in most religions, people don’t really talk about being ‘saved’ or ‘rescued’ at all, because there’s no concept of that. Almost all other religions believe that things continue in endless cycles or that all the good guys parachute out to paradise. The idea of the world being redeemed and set right, with human evil finally dealt with and death overcome…" that is unique to the Bible.

I think Andrew Wilson is absolutely right.  Christianity is unique among the world’s religions in that it envisions a God who will rescue this world.  Not that we will float up to some ethereal heaven, away from this broken world.  But that this broken world will be set to right and there will be a New Earth and a redeemed, resurrected people.  It’s a beautiful vision of a world restored and all sadness undone – a new creation where the mountains will drip with wine, the trees will clap for joy, the deserts will flow with living water, and there will be shalom.  The Bible says that this has already begun in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and in the hearts of all who follow him, and that one day, it will come to full fruition when the King returns.

Even if you don’t believe this, don’t you want this to be true?

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 January 2014 16:41