Indelible Grace Church

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Letter from Andrew Ong


Dear Indelible Grace Church,

Grace and peace to you.  I thank God that He has blessed me with a church that I can call my own "home church" when I’m back in the Bay Area.  Thank you for taking me in as more than just "that summer intern," but as a brother, a friend, and a partner in the gospel ministry.  Joining the fellowship of the IGC community has refreshed and revitalized my soul over these past 3 months in more ways than you know.

It was an absolute joy and pleasure to serve and worship with all of you.  Thank you also for serving me as well with all the kind words of affirmation, the sweet and thoughtful community group send off, and the incredibly generous, undeserved, and unexpected financial support.  I looked forward to coming home this summer to be a blessing to IGC, but had no idea how much more I would be blessed by the whole church community.  Serving and worshiping at IGC was never an unwanted burden, but always such a delight to me and made me all the more excited to become a pastor.

Thank you also for being such a gospel-saturated community.  Maybe I’m just emo, but never have I been brought to tears on a weekly basis as I came to sing God’s praises with His people.  It was such a beautiful thing to praise Him corporately within a community that was so keenly aware of the love of God poured out for sinners and demonstrated at the cross of Christ.  Not only was Sunday worship a blessing, but so also were the community group meetings, which I eagerly anticipated every week.  Sharing with one another, praying for one another, serving each other, and even joking with each other was such a blessing and refreshment to me as I often get very lonely in Philly.  I already can’t wait to come back and join you all!

Lastly, I wanted to thank Pastor Michael, Wade, Harry, and Sammy for leading our church with such underappreciated and unnoticed love, diligence, and wisdom.  You guys are truly blessed to be led by such men who love Christ and His gospel, and are working harder than you know to make sure that our church is continually moving in the direction of Christ’s likeness.  Witnessing their tireless efforts towards tedious administration, teaching preparation, and compassionately caring for members of the church has shown me what ministry is like in all of its ugliness, and yet has lifted my eyes to see that only Christ is the perfect leader of the church.  Thankfully the Good Shepherd works through His imperfect under-shepherds for the good of His bride, the church, and I got to witness that firsthand here at IGC, this summer.

Again, thank you for taking me into your fellowship, and I can’t wait to come back!

Andrew Ong

P.S. - Please take good care of my special friend while I’m gone! :)

Andrew is currently a third-year student at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

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