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2013 Men's Retreat


This blog post was written by Pastor Wade.

More than twenty men of IGC participated in our first Men's Retreat earlier this month.  It was a good two days for the brothers to connect, with some coming from as far away as Sacramento and Los Angeles to attend.  Some of the attendees met each other for the first time and all were able to spend quality time with their brothers.  Three things from the weekend stuck out to me:

(1) The call to manhood.  Our speaker, Pastor Jeff Bruce, shared with us what it means to be a true man.  The biblical definition of a man is vastly different from that of popular culture.  Contrary to the the message of manhood that is pushed on us today, we were reminded that men are to be initiators, servants, self-controlled, selfless, learners, disciplined and godly.  However, it was more than mere advice for being a man.  We were pointed to Jesus Christ as the only person who has ever truly fulfilled the role of a man.  And it's because he fulfilled the role that we've failed at that we can pursue manhood as God intended.

(2) Building friendships.  The attendees had a good amount of time to get to know each other.  Board games, card games and group games were played. Conversations were had over burgers, Mediterranean food, cups of coffee and bowls of kimchi-ramen.  And discussions were had in the small group times as we talked about manhood.

(3) Learning from each other.  There was a discussion panel consisting of four men who shared their experiences in pursuit of manhood.  These brothers shared their wisdom about marriage, singleness, careers, transitions and trusting God.

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