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2013 Women's Retreat


This blog post was written by Ashley Kim.

This past weekend, the ladies of IGC embarked on our first ever Women's Retreat!  After stuffing ourselves at Sweet Tomatoes on Friday night, we trekked over to Larkspur Landing Hotel in Pleasanton, CA where we “roughed it” in air-conditioned suites, encountered thoughtful sweets on our plush pillows, slept on queen-sized fluffy beds, and looked out our windows at the sweltering sun.

Yes, the retreat may not have been at the typical, rugged campground setting, but the weekend was filled with great conversation, plenty of laughs, the beautiful sound of sisters singing during worship, and the essential retreat kimchi noodle bowl.

Pastor Dave Lee gave two great messages from Genesis focusing on God’s restoring grace and constant love for Abraham despite his lapses in judgment and trust.  These messages were great reminders of God’s sovereignty and devotion to us during both times of famine and plenty, as well as a realization of how often we hold too closely to our material possessions and grasp control over our life situations.  It was such a blessing to process these messages with each other and to share our struggles and praises during our small group discussions.

We capped off the retreat with fun icebreaker questions, a hilarious round of charades, shaved ice at Snowflake, and a delicious meal at Amakara (yes, we did dessert before dinner!).   In the end, despite the short duration of the retreat, we were so thankful to have this opportunity to spend time with fellow sisters away from our busy schedules.  We’ll be praying for the brothers’ retreat and we look forward to growing more in our relationships with each other and glorifying God!

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